StakeKings to Launch Event Creation/Registration Portal for Competitive Event Organizers

StakeKings newest feature is our event creation/registration portal for competition-based event organizers across numerous verticals. StakeKings will launch the first event in beta by December 1st, 2020 with full scale launch by January 1st, 2021.

This new segment of StakeKings will allow for event partners across numerous verticals to utilize our platform for event creation & registration, which will allow these competition-based event organizers the ability to generate more revenue from additional registrations as StakeKings will enable participants in all events to receive crowd-staking through our platform. Also, having one user-friendly platform for participants to register for an event, receive staking, receive competition winnings, view leaderboards, and so much more will not only benefit our event organizers, but it will give StakeKings additional leverage when onboarding new events to our platform.

StakeKings will begin by partnering with several of the largest professional golf mini-tours. These tours not only have a strong demand for our event creation/registration software, but they are extremely excited about the unique option to allow their event participants to be staked by fans, friends, and family. StakeKings will make it extremely simple for our organizers to manage their events, receive payment for event registrations, payout winnings & more! There is no other competition-based event registration platform in the world that offers what we can offer, and we are excited for launch!

Golf is only the first of many verticals that we will be partnering with, as we are already in discussions with several eSports event organizers, and have plans to include countless other verticals as we move forward.

Business Model

StakeKings will take a fee from every participant registration, similar to how we take a fee from the players/pros who utilize our staking feature. In certain cases StakeKings may decide to charge our event partners a flat fee depending on the event and our partnership w/ that specific event organizer. This will all be made clear prior to our event partners listing their event on our platform as we will have signed agreements with all event organization partners.

The StakeKings software is positioned to scale, and provides all users, players, and event organizers simple payment processing with our built in cashier — detailed transaction history, event results, and trusted prize distribution.

Investor/Partnership Inquiries
While StakeKings is not currently raising capital, we may have an opportunity for select individuals to get involved as strategic investors/partners, especially for those involved in competition-based event organizations.

To inquire please contact:
Tyler Hancock
Founder/CEO is the largest crowd-staking marketplace in the world.